UV Technologies is a custom formulator and manufacturer of UV curable coatings, adhesives, and specialty chemistries

UV/EB Curable Coatings, Adhesives, and Specialty Products

General Purpose High Gloss OPV
OPV 909 T MR
OPV 909 T was developed to be an economical and user friendly high gloss over print varnish for the flexo industry. It was designed to be the fastest curing OPV available in order to increase line speeds and productivity. It has excellent adhesion to both water based and UV curable inks on all types of substrates. 
Water/Chemical Resistant, Indirect Food Contact OPV
OPV 909 T MR
OPV 909 T MR was engineered to be a water, moisture, and chemical resistant over print varnish for the food packaging Industry.  It was designed to address the need for a scratch resistant protective coating for labels exposed to condensation or water. It is a benzophenone free coating that is 100% crosslinkable and is specifically designed for both paper and film substrates. It has excellent adhesion to all types of inks. OPV 909 T MR was formulated to be an indirect and direct food contact OPV and is available in high gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.
Thermal Imprintable OPV
OPV 930 TI MR is a thermal imprintable / foil stampable over print varnish designed for excellent receptivity of wax or resin based thermal transfer ribbons. It was designed for flexographic and gravure applications on paper as well as plastic. This coating is also used in the tag industry for non-slip issues. OPV 930 TI MR is a moisture/chemical resistant and indirect and direct Food Contact OPV. This OPV is available in high gloss and matte finishes.
Scratch and Mar Resistant OPV
OPV 924 MR
OPV 924 MR is a highly scratch and mar resistant over print varnish developed to replace film lamination. In order to meet the needs of flexible packaging and printing, it was designed using the highest quality components to provide maximum scratch resistance, toughness and flexibility. OPV 924 MR was specifically designed for both paper and film substrates, is Moisture and Chemical Resistant, has excellent adhesion to all types of inks. This formula was engineered to be an indirect and direct food contact OPV and is used in the wine label industry.   
UV Curable Ultra Matte OPV
OPV 909 T MR Matte
OPV 909 T MR Matte has set a new standard as an ultra matte over print varnish in the flexo industry. This product was formulated to have a gloss of less than 5% while preserving the colors of the inks beneath it. In addition, the product was also designed to be water resistant. It has excellent adhesion to all types of inks and substrates. 
UV Curable Screen Print OPV
OPV 934 S
OPV 934 S is a UV Curable high gloss screen print coating containing good adhesion properties to sealed substrates. This product was developed with the perfect ratio of additives to allow for excellent flow and a glass like appearance.   
Controlled Coefficient of Friction
OPV 970 CoF
OPV 970 CoF was formulated to have a specific coefficient of friction for applications needing such characteristics. This product exhibits excellent slip properties, and can be easily altered to create a coefficient of friction that meets our customer’s specifications. This product is also available in semi-gloss and matte versions. 
Digital Printing OPV
924 DP MR
OPV 924 DP MR is a High Gloss OPV formulated for Digital Printing. This coating is designed to have excellent flexibility and adhesion to both film and paper. OPV 924 DP MR exhibits these qualities as well as being, moisture and chemical resistant, and safe for indirect food contact. 924 DP MR is also available in a matte finish.
UV Brail Coatings

Our Brail coating was designed as a special two part process to be used in flexo applications. Labels can be coated to have a high gloss finish with a tactile/brail pattern of any kind. Both applications are UV Curable. These formulas were designed to be applied in series at high speeds, and to have excellent adhesion, both to the substrate and to each other. In addition, the tactile/brail coating can achieve a thickness of more than 22 mils.

UV Curable Laminating Adhesives
UVALINK 905 T is a UV Curable adhesive developed for flexographic applications bonding clear oriented polypropylene (OPP) films to printed clear or white OPP films and paper. It has excellent adhesion to inks of all types and was designed to be resistant to moisture and heat, and is free of benzophenone for odor-free applications. 
UV Curable Wood Coatings
UV 9253
UV 9253 is a low gloss, UV curable white primer developed for vacuum coating application use on most woods, including, but not limited to, poplar and basswood. Originally it was developed for the plantation shutter industry, but has since been used for other woods that require a primed plastic-like finish. This coating can also be used in spray applications. 
Custom UV Curable Formulations
UV Technologies offers custom formulations to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements. These products are not limited to the flexo industry, but are also available to the sheet fed, offset, letter press, and screen print industries. 
Sublimation Coatings
Sublimation is defined as the process of transitioning from a solid to a gas without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.  Sublimation coatings allow special sublimation dyes to penetrate through them in the form of a gas, and then transistion back to a solid image at the interface of the substrate and coating.UV Technologies has many types of sublimation coatings, both UV curable and low VOC bake coatings.  Our sublimation coatings were specifically formulated to allow the sublimation process to take place at the optimal temperature and pressure to provide our customers with the crispest and most vibrant images on the market.  These coatings were also designed to meet specific customer needs such as outdoor durability, dishwasher durability, abrasion resistance, specific coefficient of friction (CoF), and adheshion to metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, and many other types of substrates.  Our sublimation coatings can be used in many different types of applications ranging from mugs to flooring, and everything in between.

3D Printing UV Curable Resins
3D printers (known as SLAs or stereolithography apparatus) position a perforated platform just below the surface of a vat of liquid photocurable polymer. A UV laser beam then traces the first slice of an object on the surface of this liquid, causing a very thin layer of photopolymer to harden. The perforated platform is then lowered very slightly and another slice is traced out and hardened by the laser. Another slice is then created, and then another, until a complete object has been printed and can be removed from the vat of photopolymer, drained of excess liquid, and cured. UV Technologies has several UV resins of various properties and colors.

            Our UV Product Line 

*OPV 909 T MR   Moisture Resistant High Gloss OPV
*OPV 909 T MR Matte   Moisture Resistant Matte OPV

*OPV 930 TI MR

  Thermal Imprintable Moisture Resistant High Gloss OPV
*OPV 930 TI MR Matte   Thermal Imprintable Moisture Resistant Matte OPV
*OPV 951 Matte   Color Preserving Matte OPV
*OPV 924 MR   Scratch/Mar Resistant, Moisture/Chemical Resistant High Gloss OPV
*OPV 924 MR Matte   Scratch/Mar Resistant, Moisture/Chemical Resistant Matte OPV
*OPV 970 CoF   Controlled Coefficient of Friction High Gloss OPV
*OPV 970 CoF Matte   Controlled Coefficient of Friction Matte OPV
*OPV 911 TS   Sheet Fed High Gloss OPV
*OPV 934 S   High Gloss Screen Print OPV
*OPV 924 DP MR   High Gloss Digital Printing OPV
*OPV 959 Matte   Matte Moisture Resistant Conformable OPV
*UVALINK 905 T   Adhesive
*UV Pre-Brail OPV   High Gloss Pre-Brail/Tactile OPV
*UV Brail RSC   Flexo Rotary Screen Tactile/Brail Coating 
*UV 9253   Easy Sand White Primer

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